Civil and Structural Engineering

Our Civil & Structural Engineering Section is specialized in the design and construction of both major and minor civil & structural works. The section has experienced and competent professionals who are able to deliver on our civil and structural designs and construction on time to our clients satisfaction. We carry out commercial, industrial and individual structural design and construction.

We provide the following services:


  • - Construction and Maintenance
  • - Design and Construction of Bridges
  • - Design and construction of Drainage and Culverts
  • - Stone Pitching
  • - Building Construction
  • - Landscaping
  • - Structural Design and Construction

Mechanical Engineering

ROPEAK Limited provides full mechanical design, installation and maintenance of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. Our services range from initial survey to routine mechanical maintenance of pre-installed systems. Our provision of services in this field include the following:


  • - Design and installation of Drainage, Piping and Plumbing Systems
  • - HDPE Butt Welding Works
  • - Installation of Water and Sewage Treatment Plants
  • - Building Management Services


Procurement as we all know is the process of buying goods, works or services. ROPEAK Limited has put together very competent and experienced experts in the field of both public and private procurement whose sole interest is to ensure that, the clients’ procurement needs are met on time, it is of the best quality and fit for purpose. Our area of competence includes:


  • - Supply of chemicals for sewage treatment
  • - Supply of materials for water treatment
  • - Supply of Stationery and office furniture
  • - Supply of construction materials

With ROPEAK Limited, you have to be rest assured that your procured product will be delivered to your doorstep intact.

Project Management

ROPEAK Limited, just like many other firms in the Project management field use the application of our knowledge, skills and techniques to execute our projects effectively and efficiently. It's a strategic competency for our company, enabling us to tie project results to business goals — and thus, better compete in our markets. Our Project Management group includes:


  • - Manage projects independent of our clients’ involvement
  • - Manage projects with our clients’ involvement
  • - Manage construction projects
  • - Manage mechanical projects
  • - Manage steel erection projects