We are committed to providing integrated and innovative solutions to challenging engineering problems.

Construction and Consultancy

Using a comprehensive and competent team together with latest software and tools.

Labor Supply

ROPEAK Limited supply labor for both engineering and construction.

Supply and Installation

At ROPEAK Limited, we source, supply and/or install all equipment and materials.


Civil and Structural Engineering

Our Civil & Structural Engineering Section is specialized in the design and construction of both major and minor civil & structural works.

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Mechanical Engineering

ROPEAK Limited provides full mechanical design, installation and maintenance of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

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ROPEAK Limited has put together very competent and experienced experts in the field of both public and private procurement.

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Project Management

ROPEAK Limited, just like many other firms in the Project management field use the application of our knowledge, skills and techniques to execute our projects effectively and efficiently.

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